Vicki and Bill Millis, owners of The Edgewater Supper Club, welcome you with good cheer and hope you have a hearty appetite.  This family owned farm to table restaurant uses special recipes using fresh steaks, seafood, poultry, pastas, greens plus delicious homemade desserts with ingredients gathered from area family farmsteads. Vicki says, “When you eat local, you support local families!”

The Edgewater is truly a cocktail friendly Supper Club with trained bartenders ready to make high quality drinks from historic recipes. Of course beer on tap and premium wines are a standard here.

Another unique aspect is the history dating back to the 20s when the location was used as a gambling locale for the Canadian mob. Ask to see the hidden money drop!

The Edgewater Supper Club is between Jefferson and Fort Atkinson Wisconsin along the beautiful Rock River. Yes, the parking lot is small so even if it’s full, there’s probably still table space inside. We do recommend reservations for Friday and Saturday nights. Remember, if you sit on the porch … duck!

Professional Staff

Our food is not the only thing seasoned! Experience the difference of our staff who truly care about your gourmet experience.

Best Dishes

From weekly specials to our fantastic traditional menu items, you will always experience a fresh and delicious dish.


Farm to Table Cuisine

We use the freshest ingredients from local family farmsteads just for you.

The cuts we always have:

Filet Ribeye Sirloin Chop Sirloin


Lobster Mushrooms Fantail Shrimp Sauteed Onions Wisconsin Blue Cheese Blackened Seasoning


Smoked Brisket

(Most Always)


Prime Rib

(Saturdays-Queen or King Cut)

Fantail Shrimp

Panko Breaded Fried and Served with Wisconsin Horseradish Cocktail Sauce and Lemons

Broiled with Homegrown Garlic and Wisconsin Butter



Served the Classic way – with Glorified Wisconsin Butter and Lemon

Salmon Filet

Roasted with Pecan Butter made with Local Honey


Catch of the Day


Friday Night Fish Fry

Fried HaddockPoor Man’s Lobster

Choice of Potato and Homemade Coleslaw

(Till We Run Out)

Fowl of the Day


Ask about our Homemade Desserts