Meet Adrian Wiley

Adrian loves his father James who also works at The Edgewater Supper Club as the dishwasher.

Adrian says of his father, “I get to learn from my Dad instead of learning on my own. He’s always there to lead me on the right path; to do things the right way and not the wrong way. He helped me get a job. He shows me a great work ethic. I never knew how hard it was … or how fun it is when you finally get the right job that you like.”

He loves working as busser and as a prep cook and joking around with the whole crew in such a comfortable atmosphere. He also likes walking out on to the slanted porch and visiting with friendly customers.

Now Adrian is not saying he believes in ghosts, but he has been getting a “haunting vibe” on occasion; seeing a shadow or two out of the corner of his eye. He normally would be more scared, but he thinks they could be friendly.

Adrian loves his birth mother and step mother, plus hanging out with his brothers and sisters. He’s not sure, but he thinks it’s up to 8 now. Adrian is an expert roller-skating legend. His 360, Crab Walk and Moon Walk will end up in a history book someday.

Adrian loves the fried shrimp, the Friday fish fry (baked) because he says he can really taste the fresh flavor. When you can catch him, say hello to Adrian. And take a seat out on the slanted porch, the cozy corners inside or at the bar. Either way, your next destination should be The Edgewater Supper Club, one of Wisconsin’s premier farm to table restaurants located in Jefferson, Wisconsin