Meet Cindy Moyer

Is it the laugh? Her stories about baking? Or maybe the fact she enjoys singing along to all the songs that come through the restaurant’s sound system? Whatever it may be, Cindy Moyer is certainly a version of “human sunshine”.

Cindy has several roles at The Edgewater Supper Club; Bartender, Prep Cook, all around “Cut Up” and a Baker. She makes cheesecakes, pies, cakes, dressings, sauces and coleslaw from scratch; tasty, unforgettable and a great reason to come back.

When she’s not helping out at the restaurant, she can be found at her favorite bar stool with her favorite husband who she’s been married to for over 35 years.

At home she takes care of her labradoodle and crochets (something she’s been doing ever since her sister taught her when she was 8 years old). When she’s not with her children and grandchildren, gardening, singing and hiking also keep her busy.

Cindy enjoys afternoon Soirees with her friend Vicki which Bill Millis has nicknamed “Soindres”.

Her favorite meal at The Edgewater Supper Club? Duck. Share that quacker with some Red Zin and she’s set!

To visit with Cindy and enjoy a wonderful meal, your next destination should be The Edgewater Supper Club, one of Wisconsin’s premier farm to table restaurants located in Jefferson, Wisconsin.