Meet Emilie Janssen

Meet Emilie Janssen, professional waitress. Sure, that’s not just a title, it’s a way of life. She tried bartending and childcare, but having been born into the restaurant business (heard of the Rohertys?), she decided that meeting people and sharing their dining experience was the way to go. That’s good for you as it means you’ll have a wonderful experience at The Edgewater Supper Club.

As an experienced flautist, she doesn’t get much request for such, but ever since the age of 10, she’s enjoyed it. Her favorite experience, however, is spending time with family by playing board games and visiting museums. She doesn’t mind being compared to Lucille Ball because just like the famous actress, she’ll make you smile. Emilie’s favorite tattoo is that of the Claddagh, which symbolizes friendship, loyalty and love. As one who is solid Irish, she enjoyed her 1 trip to Ireland and can’t wait to go back.

She describes herself as a fresh food fanatic … which is perfect because she works at The Edgewater Supper Club. Her favorite is prime rib with fresh lovely mashed taters (she pronounces it that way). Her favorite drink is a Brandy Old Fashioned Sweet. Hmmm. Just like her!

Visit with Emilie and enjoy your next experience at The Edgewater Supper Club. For the best in quality Farm to Table food, make your reservation at The Edgewater Supper Club in Jefferson, Wisconsin.