• Entrees

      Includes choice of soup or salad for a side, and a choice of potato. As an upgrade you can add the following: Lobster | 3 Fantail Shrimp | Blue Cheese | Mushrooms | Bourbon Caramelized Onions | Bacon | Blackened Seasoning | Loaded Topping

    • Catch of the Day

    • Fantail Shrimp

      Panko Breaded Fried and Served with Wisconsin Horseradish Cocktail Sauce and Lemons. Broiled with Homegrown Garlic and Wisconsin Butter.

    • Filet

    • Fowl of the Day

      Possible choice of Chicken, Duck, or Pheasant

    • Friday Night Fish Fry

      Choice of Potato and Homemade Coleslaw (Till We Run Out)

    • Lobster

      Served the classic way – with Glorified Wisconsin Butter and Lemon

    • Ribeye

    • Salmon

    • Sirloin