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The Edgewater Supper Club, owned by Vicki and Bill Millis is the one of the finest supper clubs in Jefferson County. Co-Head Chef Vicki Millis and Marques, are well known for seeking out the freshest, organic ingredients and creating exquisite meals. This quaint spot is all about sustainability and using local food providers whenever possible. The atmosphere here is unique and you can’t go wrong with anything on the menu.

Our Story

Bill Millis oversaw construction. During that process, past owner Roger Weilbacher (not the immediate former owner) and his wife, Ann, were “weekly cheerleaders,” Vicki said, stopping by regularly with interest and encouragement.

The Millises hired Jeff Steckel as head chef and John Greco as a chef. Their oldest son, Marcus, a sous chef and student at Blackhawk Technical College, was joined by a couple of other students on the restaurant staff.

Adams, Vicki’s father, also works for the restaurant as a host, greeting people at the door. One customer has even bestowed him with the honorary title “Executive Director of Hospitality.”

The Millises’ mission is to serve delicious and nutritious meals in a unique, cozy setting.

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Meet Our Staff

Our food is not the only thing seasoned! Experience the difference of our staff who truly care about your gourmet experience.

Edgewater Schaum Torts

Vicki Millis
Co-Owner and Co-Head Chef

Bill Millis

HM_TESC_Marques Starks_101918

Marques Starks
Co-Head Chef

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Kris Carbon
Office Manager


Eric Lyons

Joy Miller

Joy Miller


Martha Clark


Matt Peters
Head Mixologist


Carli Kramer


Cayden(Budda) Duffy
Head Busser and Host



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James Wiley
Prep Cook and Dishwasher

Cindy Moyer

Cindy Moyer
Prep Cook

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Al Lindau
Salad Prep

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Cas Hauger
Salad Prep

The Importance of Farm to Table Restaurants

More commonly, the use of farm-to-table emphasizes a direct relationship between a farm and a restaurant. Rather than buying through a distributor or a food service, some restaurants establish relationships with farms and buy directly from them. Farmers benefit by being able to reap more of the profit their goods can earn at market, and many enjoy knowing how their food will be treated and cooked.

Our Small Business Partnerships

With the restaurants and farms having a direct relationship, supper clubs are assured of fresh ingredients on their plates. At times, farms can deliver ingredients that were harvested just a few hours ago. By sourcing ingredients this way, it’s a win-win for both sides.

Nordic Creamery Logo
Nordic Creamery

Westby, WI

Schroeder Kase Cheese
Schroeder Käse

Rewey, WI

Hooks Cheese Company Logo
Hooks Cheese Company, Inc.

Mineral Point, WI

Hidden Springs Creamery Logo
Hidden Springs Creamery

Westby, WI

High Meadow Farms CSA Logo
High Meadow Farms CSA

Johnson Creek, WI

Hoard's Dairymand Farm Creamery Logo
Hoard Dairyman Farm Creamery

Fort Atkinson, WI

Jones Market Logo
Jones Market

Fort Atkinson, WI

Meister Logo
Meister Cheese

Muscoda, WI

Rivers Edgew Meat Market Logo
River's Edge Meat Market & Catering

Jefferson, WI

Rushing Waters Fisheries, LLC.

Palmyra, WI

Rushing Waters Fisheries, LLC.

Palmyra, WI

More Partnerships Coming Soon!

Interested in supplying local Wisconsin ingredients?
Call us, we are interested in making a connection.