Meet Bill Millis

As part owner with his wife Vicki Millis (co-owner of the Edgewater Supper Club), Bill serves in many capacities that others may not see; janitor, pavement repair guy, building repair guy (which is great because he works as a construction manager at a commercial building company). His most important job though, is being a storyteller.

On previous inhabitants: “I think the place is haunted. We had a cook that upped and left because he was scared to come in here. Can’t imagine why. Yeah, sometimes objects move around and some have seen a spectral shape or two, but otherwise it’s pretty safe.”

On politics: “We actually don’t talk politics much. We promote food instead. We had a state governor show up with his bodyguards. He was a real gentleman. We even took photos with him.”

On his hero: “My wife. Vicki makes the sun shine. She makes sure to take care of everybody from employees, to customers and still makes the best food I’ve ever eaten. She has a passion for food. Together we’ve resurrected a great tradition by re-opening the Edgewater Supper Club”.

On his favorite food: “Ok, my favorite dinner starts with Bada-Bing Shrimp, a Korbel Old Fashioned Extra Bitter Sweet, Coconut Shrimp (when available) and ending it all with Blueberry friggin’ pie (when available).”

Guests mean the world to Bill and Vicki. They want to celebrate your wedding reception, anniversary, or new found health. Please make your reservation at The Edgewater Supper Club in Jefferson, Wisconsin.