Meet Matt Peters

Did you notice that Matt has a rare genetic mutation called Heterochromia Iridium? Don’t worry, it’s not catching. It’s when a person has two different colored eyes; one brown and the other blue.

Who would think that he was a famous beekeeper? He raises New World Carniolan Bees to supply The Edgewater and others with great tasting pure honey.

Working at The Edgewater is his best job yet. Not only does he enjoy the people, but history as well. And The Edgewater Supper Club certainly comes with history! Matt worked as an auto and heavy equipment technician for years, but now he enjoys being a mixologist. A mixologist is a step above your average bartender. He wants people to experience liquid libations like they should be presented; above average, unique, classy and to your liking.

As a father he enjoys raising the bees together with his son. That way he understands business decisions and gardening. In his off time, you’ll catch Matt enjoying comic books with his son.

His favorite meal at The Edgewater? He starts with Bada-Bing Shrimp as an appetizer, then a prime rib with loaded baked potato and a Whiskey Ginger made with local ingredients including his own honey! A must try!