Meet Marques Starks

Marques Starks has taste. He better as he’s one of the chefs! Marques shares the kitchen with another chef … one who he loves very much. His mother Vicki Millis!

If you ask Marques questions, you better be prepared to smile. He enjoys sarcasm and a quick response.

On the airport next door: “We welcome people from the airport to come in and dine. But you won’t catch me jumping out of a perfectly good airplane!” (A skydiving company operates on the airport grounds).

On family: “My kids are fun to be around. I enjoy seeing myself in them. They’re into gymnastics and other sports. I think they’re angels … when they’re sleeping. I have a full-time job as a cab driver … carting around 2 teenagers!”

On working with family: “They’re going to read this, aren’t they? It’s a fun atmosphere, you can be your own person, I’m always having a family reunion.”

His favorite food: “Everything I cook. But seriously … if I have black coffee and duck breast with berry sauce, I’m set.”

When you get a chance, come visit Marques and enjoy wonderful food at The Edgewater Supper Club; one of Wisconsin’s premier farm to table restaurants located in Jefferson, Wisconsin.