Farm To Table Food

Owners Bill and Vicki Millis of The Edgewater Supper Club believe in “Farm to Table” food. That means they not only harvest food from their own farm, but they purchase food from Wisconsin and local producers as well. From fruits to vegetables … cheese to meat and even their liquor … if they can find it locally, they make every attempt to work with the local vendor.

Recently chef and son Marques and Vicki harvested a unique mushroom called, “Chicken of the Woods” near their farm. This delight has to be tried to believe it as it really does taste and have the texture of chicken. Besides Morels, Chicken of the Woods mushrooms are one of the restaurant’s favorites. The Edgewater Supper Club plans on sharing this with her diners. Look for future recipes!

For the best in quality Farm to Table food, make a reservation at The Edgewater Supper Club in Jefferson, Wisconsin.