Meet Claire Scholten

Claire is quick with a quip. It’s that gift of humor that she shares with the visitors that come to The Edgewater Supper Club.

She also has the gift of crafting cocktails for The Edgewater as one of the talented bartenders. She likes the variety of guests; from someone who drinks Spotted Cow and wants to talk about the Badgers to someone who imbibes a dry martini and collects stories about the Supper Clubs they’ve visited.

Claire has many additional talents, from singing songs about anything to blowing a mean French horn. She’s also a great animal whisperer. Having grown up around work animals and worked at a veterinarian’s office helping with pets, she is an animal lover.

She started her career making mud pies then moved up to being a calf feeder. From there she worked as a cashier at a grocery store, then a manager at a vet clinic while also working as a late-night bartender and currently she works as an administrator at the Jefferson County City Hall.

She likes helping people, but does enjoy her alone time; reading, smelling scented candles, a good bottle of wine. She also enjoys bowling with friends, visiting family in Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula.

Her favorite dish? The Sirloin served medium rare. She could also live off of the Wedge Salad. Throw in a muddled Old-Fashioned Brandy and she’s happy! Whether it’s a Templeton Rye Manhattan straight up with 2 olives or a favorite tapper, your next destination should be The Edgewater Supper Club, one of Wisconsin’s premier farm to table restaurants located in Jefferson, Wisconsin