Meet Jordan Schreffler

Meet Jordan Shreffler; one of the most handsome hosts and bartenders in Wisconsin. At least that’s what the ladies have said. While Jordan would deny that, he would say that he enjoys bartending and hosting at The Edgewater Supper Club.

As the youngest of 4, his family is from the Fort Wayne, Indiana area. He’s not sure how he ended up in Milton, but he also enjoys working at a golf club as groundskeeper. If you think you’re going to surprise him with any Carl Spackler quotes, think again. One of his favorites is, “This crowd has gone deadly silent, a Cinderella story outta nowhere. Former greenskeeper and now about to become the masters champion.”

Did you know Jordan has never flown in an airplane? He also hates Ketchup. If you want to see something amazing, ask about his “Eyebrow Jig”.

For his favorite drink, it’s a tossup between the Manhattan and the Old Fashioned. Either way he follows that up with a Sirloin Steak with Blue Cheese, Mushrooms, Onions and a side order of Broiled Shrimp.

While he can’t promise a Caddyshack quote for everyone, he can promise you’ll have a wonderful meal at one of the best Farm to Table restaurants in the neighborhood. Please make your reservation at The Edgewater Supper Club in Jefferson, Wisconsin.