Meet Joy Miller

Yep, Joy is pretty. Now while she’d probably be famous as a model, she has decided to settle into family life and working with her sister at The Edgewater Supper Club. A one of a kind restaurant!

Joy is also the sister of Vicki Millis, owner of The Edgewater Supper Club. An interesting fact … Joy was an aunt the day she was born as she’s 9 months younger than Vicki’s oldest daughter. Joy and Vicki are only 22 years apart and the age gap never bothers them. She loves Vicki!

Joy appreciates working with family; both those she’s related to and those she grows to know over the years. Even the visitors at The Edgewater grow into a family-at-large.

Joy used to play the drums and now her constant beat is that she’s a mother of six children (ages 13 to 21) and a grandmother to two more. Joy is married to a hunk of a man and works for the Walworth County Public Works and repairs things. Cool!

She enjoys traveling on the back of a HoG, watching movies with the kids and visiting parks so they can camp.

As for a favorite drink and meal? Joy loves her Bullet Bourbon Manhattan with bitters and sweet Vermouth and Cherry. Follow that with the Bada-Bing Shrimp, Festive Pheasant and Perfect Cheesecake, and she’s set.

You’re invited to visit with Joy and sit inside the slanted porch at The Edgewater Supper Club, one of Wisconsin’s premier farm to table restaurants located in Jefferson, Wisconsin.